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Say I gave you a hammer, some nails, a mitre saw, and a tape measure and said, “Go build it and make the most use out of it” and then sat back and waited for your response. You’d probably look at me expectantly, waiting for me to finish. But what if I were finished? What if there were no more instructions? …

I have a buddy who’s a golfer — really more of a duffer, but he tries hard. He also spends a lot of money on equipment. He truly believes that each new driver or wedge will get him to sub-90. But it never does. To me the answer is obvious. My friend’s problem isn’t equipment; it’s his approach to the game. He doesn’t do what he needs to play better. No lessons, no swing improvement, and not enough structured practice. Eighteen holes on Sunday morning with a cooler won’t do it. …

In last week’s blog, I outlined what I thought future companies would look like vis-à-vis their information technology and decision-making capabilities. I believe they’ll be intelligent, connected, and agile. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to dive deeper into how I think companies will realize their futures. And, as I’ve said, that future is not truly five years from now. It is now.

This week I’m going to explore how smart companies will leverage new technologies to become more intelligent. …

Artificial intelligence is the future of analytics. Retailers are already adopting AI technologies for deep learning to manage customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction. In fact, Garner predicts that in 2021, 85% of all customer interactions will be managed by AI technologies.

AI-augmented analytics can be applied to nearly every industry and sector. For example, financial institutions can use it for fraud detection, portfolio optimization, and customer service. Agricultural concerns can use AI to improve research on farming methods, manage crop yields, minimize the use of pesticides, and manage livestock. …

Happy New Year! So what’s new for 2021? Everyone has an opinion about 2021’s hot trends for analytics and BI. I have my own, and I think the analytics marketplace is poised for an explosion of new technologies and products, but I think there will be two trends that transform the analytics/BI landscape in 2021:

- Machine Learning to Augment self-service analytics

- Data governance makes a comeback

Anuraag Jain

Anu Jain is the Chief Growth Officer and Analytics/Data Partner at Nexus Cognitive. Prior he was SVP, Teradata and General Manager IBM.

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